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A Small ECW Game on a Sunday Afternoon

With so many beautifully painted figures lying around in John Maguire’s collection if was a shame not to drag these smart lads out for some sunlight and a crack at the old table.

John’s ECW collection is absolutely amazing and Myself, Dave Lowe and Greg Blake were very fortunate to see them in action in last Sunday’s game. We used the Baroque rule set to play our game on the day, but we were a little slow with the rules to start with, but after a few turns we managed to achieve what we wanted from the game. Our biggest problem is going from one rule set to another and some sets are very similar, so we tend to mix them up a little. I am sure I am not the only one out there with the same issues?

Overall it was a great afternoon and great to see Greg Blake, who recently moved up from Canberra to bask in the North Queensland weather. 

This outstanding collection was painted by Roy Lowson in the UK.

Enjoy the images




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