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A small battle north of Cairo – Anglo-Egyptian War 1882

Another great afternoon of gaming with a few lads from the club, Josh, Dave and Tim. Today we rolled into the Anglo-Egyptian War of 1882 with our scenario based on a British push from Alexandra to try their luck in breaking through the strong Egyptian defences north of Kafr El Dawwar.

On the British Commander (Tim and Josh) side they fielded:

6 x Companies of Infantry

2 x Companies of Marines

2 x Naval Brigade companies (including a Gatling Gun)

2 x Squadrons of Dragoon Guards

2 x Sections of Royal Artillery 6pdrs

The Egyptian Forces (Dave and Me) fielded:

8 x Companies of Regular Egyptian Infantry

2 x Companies of Cairo Gendarmes

2 x Sudanese Militia

3 x Squadrons of mixed cavalry

4 x Sections of Artillery

The game started well for the Egyptian forces for the majority of their troops occupying the small village and a redoubt, from there they managed to inflict some heavy casualties on the advancing British troops. The British were unable to inflict many casualties on the Egyptian troops at this stage due to the nature of the Egyptian defences and to the Gatling Gun jamming in three out of four turns of firing.

However, as the British forces advanced closer they were able to start inflicting more and more casualties of the Egyptian troops. A field charge by Egyptian cavalry also opened up the Egyptian left flank as the last remaining British Dragoon Squadron charged and defeated the two remaining Egyptian Cavalry Squadrons.

By turn six the British, after taking heaving causalities to the surprisingly accurate Egyptian rifle and artillery fire, managed to take the first line of Egyptian defences and in doing so captures two sections of artillery. From there they remained in possession of the fort and fired onto the Egyptian forces trying to mount a counter attack to win back the redoubt. Regrettably, our hopes of victory against the British invaders died with the last charge on the redoubt.

In the centre the Egyptian forces after taking heavy casualties from rifle and artillery fire panic and ran from the field….the loses were just too great on the lads. The British quickly occupied the village and finally with the remaining Egyptian forces either running from the field or withdrawing back in to the walled town claimed victory…..the road was now open to Cairo.

Well done to Tim and Josh for commanding the British forces. For Dave and I, we live for another day. The figures are a mix of all manufactures for the period, including Perry, Old Glory, Wargames Foundry, Eureka and Empress Miniatures.

The large walled town was scratch built by the every talented Lev Vykopal from Western Australia. Rules played were a set of Larry Brom’s fast play rules called ‘By Battalion, Volley Fire!’

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