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A Small Battle in the Midlands – ECW

Last night myself and a couple of the lads played a little game of English Civil War. On one side was the combined Parliamentary and Covenantor Army of six Pike & Shotte, two artillery pieces and five cavalry regiments. On the Royalist side six Pike & Shotte, three artillery guns and four cavalry regiments. Josh and myself on one side and Brian and Dave (NZ) on the other.

It turned out to be a bit of a slow game as the old Pike & Shotte unit did not really move that fast, however after about three turns of movement and dome artillery fire we finally managed to get into some combat. 

The battle went fairly strong in the center with Dave’s Royalist pike charging a large Scottish pike unit, only to be pushed back and counter charged himself. Fighting on the Royalist right then picked up once my cavalry pushed through a rather tough hedgerow and charged a unit of dismounted dragoons. They in turn were later shot and then piked to bits by a Royalist Pike & Shotte unit. 

Finally however which I think may have ended the battle for the Parliamentarians was a charge I made against one of Dave’s veteran pike units…I lost and was unable to rally that unit for the remainder of the game, plus my dismounted dragons were also routed. Thus my brigade was under 50% and on a attempted rally the brigade withdrew from the field, leaving many fallen comrades on the field of battle. 

Our forces also took a fairly heavy lose of commanders, loosing our Captain General and three brigade commanders, which left our armies almost leaderless….we accepted the lose and patted Dave on the back for his great victory.

Above and below – the Combined Parliamentarian  & Covenantor Army

Dismounted Royalist Dragoons firing from behind a hedge

A yeoman wanders around the battlefield 


23 thoughts on “A Small Battle in the Midlands – ECW”

  1. Thanks for the comments fellas, rules were a variant of Andrew parr's 'Fortune & Glory'.

    Carlo just another collection I have been collecting here and there. Only one unit of Scots were painted by me, the other were purchased from our friend Andrew. Leroy painted most of the Royalists.



  2. Was an interesting game, lot of to and fro happening.

    Best part was changing history, when none other than Oliver Cromwell leading his Cavaliers got himself messed up on some pike and shot, ending with his regiment destroyed, General killed and colours captured ๐Ÿ™‚

    Oh and Rupert on the other wing finally getting through the mess of hedges and started chasing off the parliamentarian cavalry and getting around the wing of their army when we called it.

    look forward to having another bash another time


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