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A skirmish west of Pensacoala – Florida AWI

A few weeks ago the lads at the club played a great little Sharp Practice game which was set during the American War of Independence and located around one of the outlying townships outside Pensacola, Florida. The forces deployed for the game were on one side the British Redcoats made up of three units of Fusiliers, one Grenadier and two Allied Indian warbands. On the other side were the forces of the Spanish Crown, consisting of three units of Fusiliers, one of Grenadiers, a skirmish unit, one warband of Allied Indians and a unit of American Militia lads who had paddled down the Mississippi River to join the fight with their Spanish brethren. The mission for the game was for the Spanish forces to try and gain as much favour as possible with the local civilians and accept their oaths of allegiance. To do this they Spanish forces had to come within two inches of a civilian and of course force the British to withdraw.

The game started well for the British Commander (Tim) who saw all their troops deployed in the first turn and take up a threatening position on the Spanish left flank, with two Allied Indian warbands and the Grenadiers. The remaining three units of Fusiliers then set out for the Spanish right flank in hope of tying to push the main Spanish forces off the table.

Unfortunately, for the British, deploying all your troops in the first turn is not always a good thing and the Spanish Commanders (Terry and John) were able to counter the British moves. They deployed, the Spanish Skirmishers first, followed by the American Militia boys onto their left flank to counter the British thrust from that section of the field. Next deployed was a Fusilier unit of eight regulars to support the Militia and skirmishers. On the other flank two more fusilier units were deployed and the Grenadiers……..the Allied Indians were pushed out further to the Spanish right flank with their manoeuvrable deployment point.

By turn four all seemed to be going well for the British commander, he had deployed his column troops in line given the command to ‘Present’….it would be a devastating volley on the advancing Spanish Regulars………..but unawares to the British Commander, the Spanish had three ‘Blue Flags’ and an un-deployed warband of Allied Indians…….and the Ambuscade was played, right on the British flank…….In charged the Spanish Allied Indians causing double shock as they through their tomahawks (12 shock in total). However, the Fisticuffs was not all one sided, three rounds of combat ensured but finally the Indians overcame the British line, killing the British Commander, wiping out a unit, almost capturing the Colours and forcing the British line back 12 inches with multiple shock…….a disaster for the British.

From that point the Tim as the British commander was on the back foot and the Spanish pressed harder for a quick victory through concentrating as much firepower on the shaky British Line. Eventually the pressure was too much, and the British were forced to withdraw.

Well done to John and Terry for their victory and Tim for putting up a great fight and a enjoyable game. Figures and terrain are from my collection, and the figures are a mix of Wargames Foundry, Warlord Games, Perry Miniatures and Galloping Major.

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