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A Skirmish on the Veldt

Last night myself and the two Dave’s got together and played a smallish game of ‘Breachloader & Rifle’, which a fast play rule set designed to play during mid to late Colonial period so 1870’s to 1902. They are still in the trail stage at the moment but are coming along nicely. Our game involved to 600pt Armies one of Boer (seven mounted infantry units & a pom pom battery) and the other a mounted Imperial Army (three mounted infantry, one lancer regiment, one Dragoon regiment and a maxim machine gun battery. 

The game proved very hard for the Imperial forces as the Boer ability to remain hidden (smokeless ammunition) and being better shots caused many causalities on the Imperial player. However once the cavalry finally managed to get onto the table (they were in reserve) the Boers started to feel the pressure. But in the end the game went to the Boers as they managed to capture both victory markers and destroyed 80% of the Imperial force. Lesson number one for the Imperial player…..more artillery required and don’t place your best troops in reserve.

Empress Miniatures Frontier Light Horse painted up as Imperial Mounted Infantry

Boer mounted infantry gallop past a wagon Laager and towards the Imperial lines

These fellows did some serious damage on the Boers and held up their left flank attack for five turns, but all fell at their guns from Boer small arms fire.

Boer Pom Pom Battery 

Old Glory dismounted Colonial troops

Boer Commando Command stand

Lancers……died to the last man

A Boer attack on a Imperial Mounted Infantry position

The Boers take the Blockhouse 

Another attack on the hill and the Imperial Mounted Infantry are pushed back

The Boers take the hill but the IMI ready for another assault to take back the hill

At last the Dragoon arrive and charge the Boers in the flank

They then dismount and hold firm…but that was the last turn and the Boers are victorious

Three troops of Imperil Mounted Infantry all from Brian Buskell’s very nice British Boer War collection


19 thoughts on “A Skirmish on the Veldt”

  1. Darn it you guys, I always want to start collecting the things you show. 😀

    The British Dragoons are Empress Native Horse miniatures? Do want. 🙂

  2. Thanks for the great comments everyone. Playing against the Boers can be very hard for the imperial player used to shooting at spear throwing opponents and basically getting his own way. It is a period you don't see played very often but is definately a period you need to have a go at the brush up your skills.



  3. These look great – sure OG figures are kind of impressionistic at times but a loving paint job and high quality basing and all that character just shines through.

  4. Excellent post, Nathan. Lovely terrain and figures. I can second the experience with the Boers. We've been playing the period in 6mm, and the Boers have given the Imperial forces more than a few reverses.

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