A Skirmish on the North West Frontier

On Tuesday night myself and Brian Buskell played a quick Colonial game based in the North West Frontier. A British mixed force of British and Indian infantry and lancers against some very crafty Pathans. Brian played the Pathans and I the British/Indian force. Lets just say the Pathans drew me into a well planned ambush of which they were well known for.

I did however deliver some very well directed cavalry charges and my troops fought well (except one Indian platoon which panicked after receiving a few well aimed shots from a group of hidden Pathan marksmen and run back to their base). But this was all in vain, my cavalry was soon driven from the field and my baggage train captured. Well done to Brian for the victory and well planned ambush.

The figures are a mix of Old Glory, Perry Miniatures and Wargames Foundry and all 28mm. The villages have been designed by The Colonial Steamboat Company and the trees by The Last Valley. Rules were Breach Loader & Rifle by Andrew Parr, a house set of rules based on Andrew’s Fortuen & Glory Napoleonic Rules.

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