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A Skirmish on the Frontier

The other weekend my good friends Jeff, Dave and Josh played a very nice game of Dead Man’s Hand. I thought when setting up the table that a more open table might play OK for DMH. However, after a few comments from the guys, the normal set up with loads of places find cover and to hide would have suited the Indian fighting style better.

All the figures have been painted by Leroy Simpson and are now part of Jeff’s collection.

Renegade Indians watch for approaching US Cavalry from the high ground
US Cavalry advance
Indians waiting in ambush
Wait I think I see something up there in the hills
They move slowly forward with caution
The Indians spring their trap
Take cover boys here they come!
Deadly in hand to hand the Indians tried hard to close with the Cavalry troopers
However, the Spencer repeater rifles of the cavalry played havoc and mowed them down.
Nice time you dogs!

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