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A Skirmish in the Sudan

Another game of Sharp’s Practice but this time we thought we would venture into the Sudan for a change of scenery. We played the great little scenario from the Lard Magazine 2021 – ‘The Relief of Shah Wadi Wadi’…..for the British the game did not start as well as they hoped, with the Mahdist Camel riders reaching and taking the small village in the first couple of turns and before the British garrison was able to deploy….jolly bad luck there.

This of course meant that Reverend McCready and his Daughter were captured, but only after a fine English Gentleman killed one of the closest camel riders before being struck down himself…. he was left dying in the sand with four stab wounds. With the Reverend quickly being escorted back to the Mahdist deployment point the British relief column quickly swung into action for the rescue.

The 10th Hussar gallantly charged forward, took some wild but accurate fire from some determined Mahdist skirmishers and after taking 50% casualties routed the enemy skirmishers. Unfortunately, they were unable to rescue the Reverend and his Daughter…. their horses were tied and thirsty.

On the other front our Naval Brigade lads held the rear of the column for a period of time, delivering some heavy volleying into the advance Mahdist forces……the buggers keep going to ground making them harder to see in the heat haze. However, after delivering such high volumes of fire the Naval Brigade lads started to run out of ammunition.

With the slackening of fire, the Mahdist commander saw this as a chance to charge forward into the hated invaders. After two rounds of fisticuffs and both leaders wounded the Naval boys were overrun and the second British deployment point captured.

A great afternoon of gaming and thank you to Brian, Dave and Tim for playing and Lev for making the fantastic palm trees.

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