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A Napoleonic Cavalry Clash

Today’s game was something we had not played at the club for some time — Napoleonics! Using Andrew Parr’s Fortune and Glory Rules, Brian, Tim and Dave and myself decided to play an all cavalry action with four brigades of cavalry on each side. The French with three line cavalry brigades and one heavy brigade and on the Allied side two brigades of cavalry each for the Prussians and Austrians. Both sides also had two batteries of horse artillery.

The scenario played was Pitched Battle, which really meant an upfront fight, though each side had to have one brigade off the table and in reserve from the first turn. In our game the Austrians proved very strong against the French cavalry on the Allied right flank and by turn six the two Austrian brigades had defeated both opposing French brigade (with the help of some very good dice rolling).

On the Allied left flank and centre the Prussian two brigades managed to tie down the French Elite cavalry brigade opposite and hold the centre against two determined French attacks by a Cuirassier brigade. Not to mention the Prussians managed to capture a victory point as well.

Overall it was great to get back in to Napoleonic’s and good to gain another victory over Brian. Thanks to Brian, Tim and Dave for playing, Jeff for the loan of his excellent Prussian cavalry and also to John for the French command and Red Lancers.

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