A Minor Victory for the Rebel Dutch – 80YW

The Sunday before last, Myself, Dave Lowe,  Jeff Smith, and Harrison Smith played a fantastic game using the Baroque rule set. The game was basically set sometime during the 80YW between the Dutch Republic and the Spanish. Dave and Harrison commanded the Spanish and myself and Jeff the Dutch.
Initial moves were quite slow as you can imagine moving either a Tercio or Pike and Shot units can be. However, after a few moves, we managed to get our units into combat. The Tercios, however, were hard to hold for the smaller Dutch units especially when it came to hand to hand combat.
But the Dutch on a number of occasions were able to unitise the terrain to minimise the effectiveness of the Tercios. Effective artillery fire and deceive use of the Dutch cavalry also assisted the Dutch Army in slowing down the Spanish steam roller like tactics.
After about four hours of battle, we had to call it a night. Three Spanish Tercios out of six had been forced to withdraw from the battle and they had also suffered heavy cavalry losses. In the end, the Dutch won a narrow victory over the Spanish and live to see another battle.
The excellent Spanish collection belongs to Dr. John Maguire and the Dutch are from my collection.

7 thoughts on “A Minor Victory for the Rebel Dutch – 80YW”

  1. Outstanding report as usual, I do like this period, and your figures are much more beautiful than mines, superb pictures and terrain as well…Congrats!

  2. Superb! Table setting, miniatures, but especially those flags make it really pop. Great job on photos. The only thing better would be seeing it in person.


  3. Thanks again everyone for the great comments. This is a fantastic period to game and so many different nations to chose from…..just no time to paint them all.

    Kind regards


  4. You weren't kidding – that game looks huge! Some fantastic looking units there, and I'll always have a soft spot for the underdog rebels.

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