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A little Skirmish Out West – ACW

Last night the two Dave’s (Kiwi Dave & Dave Lowe) battled out a small ACW game roughly based on a small battle in the Western theatre, but may well have been any where during the conflict. On one said were to small brigades of Union, one of two dismounted cavalry regiments and the other three infantry regiments and a battery of guns. On the other five regiments of tough and rough Confederates.

The scenario was for the Union dismounted cavalry to slow down the ‘Reds’ long enough for the remaining Federal troops to arrive and stop the Rebels from taking a bridge over a vital river crossing. The Confederates on the other hand had to push hard towards the bridgehead and take it at all costs.

Well push the Reds did indeed. Under the command of Kiwi Dave they were push hard all the way. The Union cavalry were rapidly forced to withdraw twice under pressure from the fast moving Rebels, in order not to be out flank and cut off. However they did slow the Confederates long enough to allow fresh Federal re-enforcements to arrive.

Rebel troops advance hard and fast pushing Federal cavalry back on both sides of the cross roads

Union re-enforcements arrive, but too few and those that did found it hard to form a secure line against the fast moving Rebels

Union artillery open fire in support of the Union firing lines

By turn eight the the game was all over and the Union troops had already lost two regiments, which were forced to flee and the battery of guns, which had been over run. The Confederate did not take the bridge however they did inflict massive casualties on the Federal regiments, winning the game nine points to nil.


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  1. Thanks for the comments guys . The lads had a pretty good time I think..poor Kiwi Dave though was a little rushed for time..he had a shift work starting at 11pm poor fellow.

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