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A Little Game of Napoleonics

Last Thursday Myself and a few of the lads got together and played a nice little Napoleonic games using a fast play rules set called ‘Fortune & Glory’. Both sides had roughly 1500pts or three brigades each with a good mix of cavalry, infantry an artillery. Opposing sides were Austrian and French and all the figures are Elite Miniatures from John Maguire’s very nice collection. The figures have all been painted by Leroy Simpson.

The scenario rolled for the game was called contested ground which meant that each side had to place an objective marker some where along the centre of the table. It also meant that each side had to have two units in reserve. For our game it meant two brigades….nasty. Our Austrian commander (Kiwi Dave) was not able to bring his reserves on until the fifth turn.

The rules are a good little set to play when you do not have much time or large a large army and is designed to last only around two hours max, perfect for a club game. It has some nice little army choices and army characters to pick from plus additional assets, which may or may not help you win the game. In out game the French were the final victors, but only just, as the Austrians on the fifth turn (due to their reserves arriving) started to push the French back. Another turn and the game may have ended differently.

An Austrian infantry brigade deploys

Austrian light artillery

A French Lancer brigade arrives from reserve on the first turn of the game

French light infantry attack and then drive the Austrian Grenz infantry from the village

Austrian Hussars

The main attack on the village

The initial French attack forces back four Austrian battalions

More pressure on the already stretched Austrian line….the French Lancers arrive on their flank

The Austrians are pushed back but still show a formidable front

French Horse Artillery deploy

With French cavalry swarming on the flack the Austrian Hungarian Musketeer battalion forms square 

Finally from reserve the Austrian heavy cavalry brigade arrives

Austrian converged grenadier battalions also arrive to help advert total defeat for the Austrians 

The last turn of the game saw many desperate charges and here the French lancers try their luck on an Austrian square…they failed 

In all the game went for only two hours and resulted in a minor French victory but the lads seemed to have enjoyed themselves and there was many a chat about if only the reserves arrived earlier…..


20 thoughts on “A Little Game of Napoleonics”

  1. Thanks again everyone for the great comments. There is nothing like a good old fashioned game of Napoleonics to brighten up your day…I have to play a few more games.



  2. Noss the bases are either 40x40mm for the infantry and 50x50mm for the cavalry. The infantry are four to a base and the cavalry two figures.



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