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A Little ACW Fun With the Lads

Inspired by the battles for South Mountain in the 1862 Antietam campaign I could not help myself and decided to put on a little ACW game last night with the lads. The scenario was for the Union troops (four brigades) to push the Confederate forces (three brigades) from the pass and take the heights. After three four hours of play the Union troops were not able to secure the heights. However they did manage to inflict some heavy casualties on the Confederate command. I was a great little game and I think if the we had another hour of play the Union weight of numbers would have won the day.


17 thoughts on “A Little ACW Fun With the Lads”

  1. Looking good, Vinnie. It's always a treat to see your ACW collection.

    I was lucky enough to walk the South Mountain battlefield (or at least Turner's Gap) back in 1997. It's rough terrain, and it really has not changed much since 1862.

  2. Scott you are a lucky man. I would love to go back to the States and visit the ACW battlefields again as I really enjoyed the limited time I had there back in 2010.



  3. Wonderful looking troops and terrain Nathan. Very inspiring and another collection I would love to begin. My colleague Richard is about to publish Grand Skidaddle, ACW rules with inspiration from the Gilder Napoleonic rules Grand Manner. Should be out in the next month if you or your blog readers are interested and will be found via the Legendary Wargames website. Always love looking at your reports. You have a fantastic collection and I am jolly envious.

  4. Thanks Phil and Wellybobs is was a great little game. I will write up a better report soon. I will very interested in your friends rules as well WB and will have a look at the site shortly.

    All the best


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