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A little Action in North Africa

We managed to play a great game of Bolt Action today, which is a game we have not played at the club for at least three years. We did miss a few rules but the game still flowed well. With no real scenario other than destroying the enemy our Australian and Italian forces battled it out for at least three hours.

I was hoping that my veteran Australian boys would easily defeat the Italians however, I was proved wrong. The Italians had me on the back foot from the start. I was only able to hold one objective the whole game and lost over half of my troops trying to hold the other.

Thanks needs to go to John Maguire for hosting the game and also the figures and terrain for the game. Overall the game played quite well and I will most certainly have another game when we can. So please enjoy the images and stay safe.



12 thoughts on “A little Action in North Africa”

  1. Looks like a fantastic game – great images of a beautiful collection of figures! Its a bit of a shame the Aussies couldn't deal to the Italians, given its ANZAC Day (more or less) but you cant have everything!

  2. Thanks Phil and Matt. I find the better the terrain the better the photos so I tried to make sure the battlefield is the best I can make it.

    Thanks again for the comments



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