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A Great Night Of SAGA

Last Friday night we played two great little six point games of SAGA with a few of the lads at the club…Dave Hancox, Dave Lowes, Myself, Jeff and Harrison Smith. Jeff supplied the fantastic figures, Irish, Welsh and Anglo-Saxon and Viking as well as Himself and his son Harrison running the games. Great fun with some fantastic lads. 

Irish war hounds ran well for the first turn destroying a unit of six Welsh mounted warriors…but were beaten back on the next turn.

Irish warriors

Dave, his son and grandson pondering their next moves

Anglo-Saxons levy

Viking Warlord

Irish and Welsh battleboard

The Welsh Warlord striking down one of my Irish warriors

Welsh Huscals 

Welsh mounted warriors riding down my Irish lads…the Welsh proved deadly opponents.

Harrison giving a few tips to Dave on how to beat my Irish

Another unit of my Irish ridden down by  Welsh ponies 

And again….I hate the Welsh….no not really I love the Welsh just my dice rolling was bad.


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