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A Battle Between Giants – Spanish Tercios vs Ottomans

Last Sunday I was again honoured to play another outstanding game of Baroque with John Maguire’s impressive collection of figures. This time we battled the Ottoman Army against the Tercio wall of the Imperial Spanish Army in North Africa. After battling against the tercios for much of the afternoon it was easy to see why the Spanish Army was feared in Europe for 150 years…..they were unbreakable. However as an Ottoman player I learnt some very good lessons from the game. One was that the Spanish Army can rely on their infantry too much and thus their cavalry is weak. Secondly when fighting the Spanish for this period much sure you mass your whole army otherwise you will not be able to make a dent in his Army and ensure to play the game aggressively so that you get the impetus bonus and salvo for your janissaries . Additionally if you have a a spare 5points ensure to grab a master gunner, as a re-roll of your 1’s & 2’s can give you additional hits. Other than that please enjoy the images as much as I enjoyed the game.


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