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92nd Highlanders – 2nd Afghan to 1st Boer War

The last few weeks have been a disaster in regards to painting, as our daughter has been on school holidays for the the last couple of weeks. However I have been lucky in that Leroy Simpson finished three painting commissions for me over the same time. The first was that great ACW Ambulance, followed by the Boer artillery and lastly the 2nd company to my 92nd Highlanders. The figures are Perry Miniatures and are from their fantastic Sudan Range. However I had Leroy paint them in khaki so that I can use them in a number of theatres, starting from the 2nd Afghan War, 1st Boer War, The Great Pathan Revolt 1897 and finally the Reconquest of the Sudan to the 2nd Boer War. There are a few minor changes in webbing and weapons but I am not too concern.


10 thoughts on “92nd Highlanders – 2nd Afghan to 1st Boer War”

  1. Vinnie, those are absolutely superb! What a great looking unit. Very inspiring – I think I'm now about to hunt down a book on the Boer Wars to get me started on this period!
    Best wishes,

  2. Jason- it is a great period and a rude introduction for those players who regularly play against spear wheedling opposition. It makes a difference when you have someone who can shoot, shooting back at you.



  3. They do look good but the sporrans are wrong. The Gordon Highlanders' sporran was black tassels on white. These men are wearing the white on black of the Queen's Own Cameron Highlanderx

  4. No worries thanks Adam. I had Leroy paint them straight from the osprey 'The British Army on Campaign (3) 1856-1881 and the 92nd are pictured with the black sporan with white tassels?



  5. Very fine work, Vinnie, and congratulations to Leroy. I hope these stalwart chaps will give you many fine moments on the tabletop. Personally, I find there's few games which cannot be enhanced with a company of Highlanders – always inspiring!

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