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5th New York Zouaves – Perry Plastics

I think all the guys out there would have been playing and collecting ACW would have at some time if not already have this fine regiment in their collection – 5th New York Zouaves. Well this is the second time I have painted the unit and added it to my own collection. The last time was over 12 years ago and they were Old Glory 1st edition, still a fine figure, but I have since moved those old boys on and have again painted more but this time from the very nice Perry Plastics ACW range.

My grand planned is to paint another Zouave Unit – 10th New York, who were brigaded with 5th NY during the Peninsular, 2nd Manassas and Maryland Campaigns…now that would make a fine Brigade. 


18 thoughts on “5th New York Zouaves – Perry Plastics”

  1. Came across your blog via TMP. Stunning unit. In fact you have a wonderful collection on here and I particularly like the Ottomans – could you up load a post with many pics of your Ottoman Army?

  2. Thanks for the comments fellas..they took me a bit of time to paint and I really did not enjoy it…..however I am going to paint another in regiment in the next month or so.

    Thanks again


  3. Thanks again for the great comments. I have just ordered the next lot from Pery Miniatures in metal so am looking forward to painting the 10th New York National Zouaves.



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