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4Ground Terrain – 28 mm Rev. Johnson's Church

I have been very slack lately when it comes to wargaming and painting figures….but unfortunately, my work takes me away for a month at a time and when I finally return, family comes first. However, building a few pieces of terrain in my spare time still keeps me in the hobby and over the last couple of days, I have squeezed in the great 4Ground Dead Man’s Hand church. A very nice and easy piece to make, which goes together extremely well. I did not do too much other work to it other than paint the doors, for a little bit of extra colour and jazz the base up a little. Other than that the church will make a nice centrepiece for our DMH’s game this Thursday night.

10 thoughts on “4Ground Terrain – 28 mm Rev. Johnson's Church”

  1. Thanks everyone for the great comments. There really was not much to the building of this great little church and with the base it just sets it off nicely I think. There will be more images up on Friday after we play our game.

    Thanks again


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