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4Ground Settlers Log Timber Cabin 1

Hello All just a little post today to display a little 4Ground project my five year old daughter, Ella, and I completed together. The building shown is the great little Settlers’ Log Timber Cabin or the New England Settler’s Cabin from the 4Ground American Legends series. I thought it might look a little plain just by itself so we decided to mount it on a base and jazz it up a little. I was keen to leave it it’s natural colour and not try to attempt to paint it. But I think with the colour from the base, shrubs and fence helped to complete the cabin. This little piece will most definitely make it to the ACW game at the next club meet. Till then please enjoy.


19 thoughts on “4Ground Settlers Log Timber Cabin 1”

  1. Sure no worries the brush is made from rubberised horse hair with a bit of greenery added for colour and the fence is just a plastic fence from Reneda.



  2. Actually I don't like the 4Ground buildings too much because of their roofs which look to plain and to clean to me.
    But anyway you created a really unique piece of terrain. It looks just stunning!


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