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4Ground Rice Barn & Peasant Dwelling from the Shogunate Japan Range

Well I am finally home after a month away and hopefully I will get a bit of gaming in before I head off once again. However before then I have been busy over the last couple of days building a nice little towns section for the our game this coming Wednesday night. The buildings and fence are from the fantastic 4Ground Shogunate Japan series and pictured is the ‘Rice Barn and the ‘Small Peasant Dwelling. The building were a little fragile and the laser cutting in some areas was very fine so when putting them together you will have to be very careful. Other then that they are perfect. The figures are from Leroy Simpson’s collection here in Townsville and you will be seeing more of them in the next couple of days. Till then please enjoy.


0 thoughts on “4Ground Rice Barn & Peasant Dwelling from the Shogunate Japan Range”

  1. Thanks for the comments guys the 4Ground terrain is very nice and easy to put together. Mark the guys with the banners would just stopover the fence of course…..champion comment though.



  2. I love visiting this blog! Non stop inspiration an good gaming fun to be had.

    I have had the 4 ground shogunate buildings on my wish list for a while now to go with my Ronin figures.

    How are the Samurai based? And for which system?

    Happy gaming guys.


  3. Allen,

    good to hear from you and happy to read you liked the buildings. The figures were based for the old Warhammer Ancients, back in the day when it was still published and Leroy had based them for a future supplement called 'Divined Wind' but it was never published. Not sure what rules we will use tomorrow I might just make it up?

    All the best


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