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4.7" Naval Gun on Field Carriage Boer War (6" long) and a few extra

Anton Boot has again sent through some fantastic images of his latest Boer additions. This time he has painted a 4.7″ Naval gun and crew. These beauties were normally manned by navel detachments however finding navel crew for this period is near impossible, unless you do a little converting. The Naval gun can be purchased from ‘The Virtual Armchair General’ website under Houston’s Naval Guns and ship fittings. They have a extensive list of Naval deck guns to field guns unitised by Naval forces during the later Victorian period. 

Anton also dropped in a couple more images of this very nicely painted Steam Tractor, painted by Mark Hargreaves of he is keen to add to the collection so that the 4.7″ can be towed across the battlefeild as they were used extensively throughout the campaign by the British to haul either supplies or the big naval guns…I need one in my collection too.

And lastly Anton has painted a very nice Boer ‘Pom Pom’ and crew….this little piece was hated by the British in the first year of the war, but many were later captured and turned against their previous masters.


10 thoughts on “4.7" Naval Gun on Field Carriage Boer War (6" long) and a few extra”

  1. Mark,

    Thanks for the comments and update on the painting, you did a fantastic job on it. Where did you get the model as I would not mind having one in my collection.



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