3 Miles up and 3 Miles Down – Running around Big Bear CA


I know this does not have anything at all to do with wargaming, but I thought I would share it with you all anyway. This was just one of those crazy things you have to do when a little bored and away from home. For myself and Rob Snape, well we decided it would great fun to drive two hours up to Big Bear CA, run up hill for 5km, then run back down 5km and finally drive home again. All in a days fun. The run up took us about 40mins, mostly up hill and ankle deep in snow. I was OK as my runners happened to be layered with Gore-tex, however poor Rob had to contend with wet feet most of the way up and down. But it was rewarding and the views along the way and at the top were just fantastic. So I thought I could not have all the fun and decided to put a few of those images up for you all to view.

Our start point for the run up.

About half way up we stopped for a short breather and a photo opportunity not to be missed.

2.5km into the run and a great view of Big Bear Lake behind me.

I’m not much of a tracker but this paw print was from a big cat…we ran a little faster after seeing the size of it.

A little bit of snow and wet feet for poor Rob.

From 6850ft to just over 8000ft, in 40min, we finally made it to the top.

Grand View Point and well worth the run.

7 thoughts on “3 Miles up and 3 Miles Down – Running around Big Bear CA”

  1. Vinnie – Having lived in California and the west (I could have warned you) the the big "cat" print you saw was probably a good sized mountain lion, Now I am aware of crocodile's, dingo packs and Kangaroo's but to my knowledge Australia doesn't have mountain lions or cougars as we call them. You were both probably very lucky – I am not sure how "fresh" that paw print was – but you could have ended up being lunch – Glad you made it out safe from the American "wilderness" – Back in the late 80's my brother was all for hiking in the Montana backcountry near the bitteroot range – until my uncle reminded him that Grizzly Bears roamed free.

    I have enjoyed you pics of gettysburg and antietam battlefields by the way, much safer hiking grounds – only thing you need to worry about is ghosts on the battlefields.

  2. Thanks for the warnings and kind words my friends. You are right it was a little safer on the old battlefields. However this Friday we have planned another hike up the side of another mountain. Should be interesting.

    All the best


  3. Vinne – remember, if you run into Puss-cat, try and make yourself as large as possible. Apparently he may consider you just too much to digest.

    You're having way too much fun to be working mate!


  4. VolleyFireWargames

    The Big Cat Paw Print – Hey Vinnie according to a 2009 National Geographic "brief" article 4,000 to 6,000 cougars, mountain lions call California and Oregon home. In addition if you "see" one the article sadi specifically "DON'T RUN" the big Cat might mistake you for a deer and therefore "dinner".

    But glad you made it out of the "wilds" of America safely.
    Keep posting those interesting wargames especially the 'Napoleonic' ones.

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