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2nd Unit of Confederate Cavalry Finished

I have just finished painting a second Confederate Cavalry Regiment commission for one of the lads at the club. I have painted them in a mix of regulation uniform and butternut so maybe a mid war uniform? Either way I have grown to like painting the Perry plastic, the figures are nice an smooth to paint and easy to place together. Hopefully Dave will bring them around for this Sundays game.


12 thoughts on “2nd Unit of Confederate Cavalry Finished”

  1. Your blog is one of my favourites, it's like I've subscribed to the old Wargames Illustrated all over again! Very inspiring. I'd love to know how you do your basing, it really is top notch.

  2. John thank you for your kind words and I hope my page is an inspiration to many gamers past and present. I like doing my hobby and have a very supportive wife….which helps. Please drop me an email and I can send you through how I do the bases if you like.

    Holdfast the figures are 28mm plastic by Perry Miniatures in the UK. A very lovely figure.



  3. Terrific, Vinnie. A nice mix of uniform colours. You make me want to paint up another box of these guys, and you're right, they are nice figures. They also look good in Yankee blue.

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