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2nd Union Regiment Completed

I have just completed the second half of the Perry plastic ACW Infantry. By adding the extra metal Union command I was able to make two complete units of seven bases each for our Regimental Fire & Fury games. These guys took a little longer to paint, as they were not just straight up and down, as the march attack pose was. But they did have a lot more poses, which allowed for a far more animated unit. However I am very happy with the box set and may just have to paint up another to complete a nice four regiment brigade sometime in the near future. 

The command base with a metal standard bearer just behind the Battalion Commander

Second command stand with only the one metal officer figure added in.

And again there is always a need for a solid NCO to help reform the ranks (metal)

13 thoughts on “2nd Union Regiment Completed”

  1. Very nice work indeed.

    I've *still* got some plastic Perry Union ACW stuff to paint up from when they fist came out!! hopefully this will give me the impetus to get them painted.


  2. They look smashing. May I ask what colours you are using for the trousers?
    As I have started my ACW project last week and can't get my colours right, I'm getting to light blue.
    I am also liking the idea of an extra command figure in the ranks, I may have to borrow that idea.

  3. Thanks Eddie your a champion, only trying to pick my painting up to your standard young fella.

    Money Muppet – I have been using French Hussar Blue A & B from the Wargames Foundry painting system. They do have also a ACW painting selection which may provide a better blu for you.



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