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2nd Boer War Action

Keeping with the colonial flavour of our games recently Myself, Brian Buskell and Dave Lowe decided to whip up a nice little 2nd Boer War game for the afternoon. This is a period you really see displayed at conventions or ever played for that matter at clubs or back yard gaming rooms, so we have been determined, of late, to paint more figures and expand the collections in order to show the world that this can be a great little period to game. 

I guess for most Colonial gamers the Boer War does not attract them simply because the enemy now shoots back with deadly effect and can certainly mess with your day quite easily… spears or massed targets of charging warriors anymore…and your brave officers can become targets for hidden Boer marksmen…hardly cricket. 

However we have grown to love this great period, which has always been a challenge for who ever is the Imperial player and our collections are still growing to hopefully cover the whole period. So our game yesterday was set around a 700pt game using a house set of rules we have named ‘Breachloader & Rifle’, written by Andrew Parr, and our scenario was for the British Imperial troops to find a Boer Laarger somewhere out in the hills……interesting times. The game went for seven turns with both side capturing their primary objectives however the good old British Tommy and his Colonial Australian Allies managed to inflict greater casualties on the aggressive Boer Commando and slip through with a small tactical victory…nice one Brian.

The British Commander searches the hills for possible Boer positions

A Highland Infantry company advances 

An Australian Infantry company advances in support of the Highlanders

Empress Miniatures Dismounted Frontier Light Horse, from their fantastic Anglo-Zulu range make fantastic mounted infantry.

Imperial Mounted Infantry take the high ground

Boer Pom Pom’s fire in support of their Boer Commando Infantry

Well trained and drilled Boer Artillery

Mounted Boers painted by Chris Kendrick

The majority of my Boers are from the very nice Old Glory Miniatures range with a few old Foundry figures mixed in.

Brian’s nicely converted Mounted Infantry Officer

Boer Commandos aggressively advance onto the Imperial positions

The Boer Laarger, which I made earlier this year and this is the first time I have been able to use it on the table. He occupied by the Foundry lads – painted by Gerry Webb of Cast Away Arts.

The final two turns of the game saw the Boers take their objective and the Imperials likewise 

Nasty stuff these machine guns. We spent most of our time trying to manoeuvre away around them.

However I did charge them with some brave Boer lads and managed to take the guns

Australian Imperial Infantry take the Boer Laarger

13 thoughts on “2nd Boer War Action”

  1. Is there no end to the awesome collections of terrain and figures you guys have? Very impressive indeed, once again. I know who I'll be coming to visit if I get posted to Townsville!

    I probably missed it (due to my jaw hanging open with amazement and salivating) but are those Foundry Aussies? Planning 'Bushveldt Carbineer' unit at all?

  2. The Second Boer War is a great gaming period; as you say, this time the British player has not all the aces in his hand!
    Fantastic terrain and figures. Can you explain something about the rules you use? I think the question of a good game is there.

  3. Me too for the rules please!
    pauljamesog at gmail dot com

    thanks Vinnie, I'll grab some of those Foundry Aussies they look great. I'm still looking for the Breaker Morant style figures with the cartridge bandoleers and leather trappings though.


  4. Looks fantastic as usual Nathan – always top notch as usual mate – period is an under-appreciated one. Great to witness the Aussies seeing the tactical opportunity and taking the lager (XXXX no doubt :-).

  5. Thanks Carlo yes another great period but can be a little hard gaming when most of the major battles involved long distant shooting and artillery. However I have those four great books I picked up from Perth lady year which are full of small scale actions ideal for gaming.

  6. What a fantastic advert for the Boer War, I think there could be a few more getting into this period after this.
    I already do the NWF so I guess I would be almost half way there collection wise if I decided to have a little dabble.
    Thanks for sharing,

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