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28mm Flames of War


Just uploaded the game we played today – 28mm Flames of War. This is our last game and my last post for the month, as I am heading away for work for the next three weeks..sorry about that guys. However the game myself and Brian Buskell played today was our first FoW for sometime so we were a little rusty on some of the moves. Each side fielded 1000 points each both with armour support – Germans with two Stugs and the Brits a Cromwell Platoon of three tanks. Each side was also able to field three platoons of infantry, a MG section of two guns, mortar platoon of two tubes plus additional support elements for each side – Germans a recce platoon and the Brits a pioneer section. We keep the ranges as they were in the rules for the 15mm game, this allowed the units to manoeuvre freely with out being pinned from 3/4 of the table away…which seemed to work very well. I ended up being the attacker with my objective being the large Mediterranean looking building in the centre of the table. All hedge rows and stone wall are from Architects of War as too is the barn. The field were made by me and the other buildings were scratch build by Leroy Simpson….however I still need to get hold of some roads the felt just does not seem the same.

British deployment of one of their three platoons
German Panzer grenadiers deploy in defence and dig in

A German MG sets up in the orchard

Nice little view of how the figures are based – as per 15mm FOW however infantry are based on the large artillery bases

First roll for reserves and Brian brings on his platoon of Stugs.

Trying to avoid the German armour the Brits re-enforce their right flank and push forward against a lightly held German left flank

Next turn Brain again is successful in his roll for re-enforcements and brings on another Panzer grenadier platoon

The Stug moves forward in preparation for a German counter attack

Still on the British right flank my forces slowly move forward through the fields.

At last I get re-enforcements on the table..tank support

Just in time it seems to support the British attack on the right

Too late it seems the other Stug moves to counter the Allied attack

The second Stug with close infantry support starts their counter attack on the British centre

With Stugs moving in close and firing rapidly one of my Cromwells falls victim to their fire

The German counter attack gains momentum

However it seems that both sides have put pressure on each others flank

One Stug is destroyed and removed

But still the panzer grenadiers move onwards

My forces charge forward but are repulsed losing a platoon and a half..defeat looks me right in the face

With my defeat on the right and the left also looking bad is time to withdraw..1st game to the Germans

looking across to the German lines


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  1. Thanks was a great little game and a different way to re-play those old 28mm figures we all tend to have lying around. It played just the same as a 15mm game and was over in about two hours so very achievable to play on a evening club game

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