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21st Lancers – Old Glory Miniatures

Ah at last I have been able to get a little bit of painting done for myself before I head off again. So this week I painted eight British lancers for my colonial collection. The lads have been painted as the 21st Lancers for the re-conquest of the Sudan ( a liitle battle we are playing tonight), but they will most likely also see a fair bit of action on the North West Frontier and in ‘The Great Boer War’. The figures are from the very nice Old Glory Miniatures Colonial British range and can be found in the 2nd Boer War section. Either way lancers can be quite scary on the tabletop and I gather when they go up against the Boers they will most likely be the priority target.

Commanding Officer and Bugler 

The men


13 thoughts on “21st Lancers – Old Glory Miniatures”

  1. Thanks for the great comments these lads went in tonight in their battle..lost the charge and retreated. They did however reform and go head back in to battle.



  2. Great job on those Lancers. Old Glory have a lot of nice figures, though they were badly cast at times – at least those I bought in the UK. I had better luck getting them from the US.

  3. Interesting I have had no trouble with the figuress from Old Glory they have always been very well done. They also paint up quite well and I think add a little more character to the board…more old school now days. Some of the newer manufactures figures seem to straight up and down.



  4. Very, very nice. I'll be getting some of these when I can, 21st Lancers are needed. 🙂

    Your painted figures show very nicely, the B&W photos on the OG site are kind of "iffy".

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