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1st Day at Gettysburg – The Fight Along Chambersburg Pike

Last night Myself, Brian Buskell and ‘Kiwi’ Dave tried out the Regimental Fire & Fury (RFF) Rules, using 28mm figures. The battle we settled, the fight along the Chambersburg Pike on the first day of Gettysburg, was only small. It involved three regiments each side and a small amount of artillery (as per the map below). I got the scenario and map from the great book ‘Maps of Gettysburg’ by Bradley Gottfried and if you have the book start at page 89 for the story.
The first time playing RFF was a little slow for all of us however we did find that the rules and play sheets were quite easy to follow and easy to pick up. By the last couple of turns the game flowed nicely. In regards to how the battle went …….well it actually played almost to the letter of the real battle back on June 1st 1863. The 149th PA held for a period of time before being pushed back with over 250 causalities. The 143rd PA advance in support and stopped the 45th NC cold in the railway cut and eventually pushed them back to their start point. The 2nd NC was also caught in the railway cut and decimated almost to the last man. On the Union right the 150th PA held it’s grown well against the 31st NC, both units took heavy causalities. IN the end the Pennsylvania regiments held their grown, preventing the Confederates from taking the Chambersburg Pike and inflicted heavy causalities on much of Daniel’s brigade.  Just to show how close we were to history…Col Stone was wounded and had to be removed from the battlefield, again as he did in 1863…..very interesting game.

Brander’s 12pdr Napoleon section supporting the Confederate right flank

32nd NC

149th PA holding the Railway Cut

45th NC and 2nd NC in support 

The view from Chambersburg Pike to the Railway Cut, which saw the most savage fighting of the night

Brig.Gen Junius Daniel directs the movements of his battle lines

The savage battle for the Railway Cut begins

150th PA holds the Union left

Brig.Gen Junius Daniel converses with Mr Bender (below)

The 32nd NC advances towards the Pike

The 150th PA takes heavy causalities and is pushed back but holds and helps win the day


13 thoughts on “1st Day at Gettysburg – The Fight Along Chambersburg Pike”

  1. I am running out of superlatives for your photos and figures fellas. Let's go with stupendous this time!

    Do I take it then that you'll stick with regimental Fire and Fury, at least for smaller games? In the '90s I regularly played ACW games, from the 3-hour club versions to an Antietam refight, using Stars*n*Bars and enjoyed it immensely. After that, for me, Fire and Fury (brigade level) was a bit too stylised, so I expect that the regimental version will be 'just the ticket'.

  2. Indeed James, the figures are even nicer in the flesh.

    Regimental FnF are an interesting set, very similar to the older brigade set I used to play many years ago.
    Where we go with the set is a little in flux due to the way the game played out. shooting slowly whittled units down and hand to hand was very ineffective due to perhaps the d10 the game used, allowing the modifiers to even out via the spread available on 1d10.

    We have had a few thoughts that we may try next time to see what happens.


  3. Very interesting report on this small engagement and RFF. Since visiting the battlefield again last week for the 150th reenactment we have been talking about playing parts of Gettysburg as a campaign. Will try out the rules for this.

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