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1st Battalion Gordon Highlanders – Perry Miniatures

My last post for today are these beautifully painted Gordon Highlanders from Perry Miniatures Sudan Range. The figures have been painted and based by the very talented Brian Buskell and are now the his pride and joy of his collection……not to mention they got slaughtered in their first game by some 2nd class Egyptian infantry. However Brian has done some fantastic work on these guys and was happy to share his painting with us all. So please enjoy the images.
One of the command stands

The backbone of the Army…the Senior Non Commissioned Officers or SNCO’s

The men

The second command stand


12 thoughts on “1st Battalion Gordon Highlanders – Perry Miniatures”

  1. They are beautiful figures and congratulations must go to Brian on his superb painting and basing of them. My hat goes off to anyone who can paint tartans like that! Pity they got flogged by some miserable 'Gypos on their first outing. The photos are great – your terrain makes a very nice backdrop.


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