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14th (Brooklyn) NYSM – Based

I know I said my last post was my last for a few weeks…well I found the 14th Brooklyn and decided to base them ands add the colours. The figures are from the Adventure Miniatures ACW range, designed by EBob for Victory Perry (Owner of AM). The 14th Brooklyn are supplied in two codes, both of six figures. The first pack is the command pack then followed by the infantry. They are 28mm in size and fit in quite well with other ACW ranges. The talented Leroy Simpson painted them for me and they now stand proud amongst my other ACW regiments. So until I return in late October please enjoy the photos.


9 thoughts on “14th (Brooklyn) NYSM – Based”

  1. Beautiful paint jobs and fantastic basing of nicely sculpted figures!

    Almost 25 years ago my wife and I bought our first home, an apartment directly across 8th Avenue from the front of the 14th Regiment (AKA: Brooklyn Chasseurs, AKA: "Red Legged Devils") Armory, and I remember one day speaking to members of the 14th Brooklyn reenactment unit who were gathering to participate in a parade — and looked just like your figures!

  2. Mad Guru,

    Thank you for the comments….ah if only I could live in a country with a such rich history right at your finger tips. There is not much of any military history here Australia other than the what in in the museums. You are a lucky man.

  3. Now THAT is a terrific looking unit, well painted, I would be proud to have that in my ACW collection. At first I thought these were the 14 Brooklyn done by the French company Forgotten and Glorious. Now I think I want some of these guys instead.
    Well done.

  4. Thanks Michael,

    These figures are from an Australian Company called 'Adventure Miniatures Australia' the owner is a good friend of mine and a mad keen gamer of ACW.



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