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11th Sudanese Infantry Battalion 1886

Another little mission I have also completed today is two companies of Sudanese infantry for our Sudan Collection. The figures are all from Old Glory Miniatures Sudan Range (except one Perry Miniatures Egyptian Officer who has crept into the mix). I have painted the figures to represent the 11th Sudanese Battalion in the 1886 uniform, with the blue jersey  for the later Sudan campaigns. I am still yet to paint the standards. Not sure when these lads will get a run on the table but maybe sometime in April.

The figures were quite easy to paint and make for additional colour for the Anglo-Egyptian forces defending against the Mahdist hordes. I will most definitely paint a few more maybe this time in the brown jersey?


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  1. Ant Master,

    I use a tan base colour then followed by three dry brush coats of Vallejo Dark Sand. Each coat lightened by adding a little more white. I hope that helps.



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