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10th New York National Zouaves – Perry Miniatures

As promised I have finally finished painting and basing another of New York’s finest the 10th New York National Zouaves. These fine fellows fought with the 5th New York at the battles of Gaines’ Mill and 2nd Bull Run and then went on to become a fine veteran regiment right to the end of the war. The figures I have used are Perry Miniatures metal zouaves, which seem to suit the right dress for the 10th NY from the 2nd Bull Run and after.  The 10th NY also wore a loose form of blue trousers not the baggier zouave pants of the 5th NY. 

The only issue I had with the range was that the jackets did not have the raised trimmings or design on the front as the plastic zouaves do. As I am not the neatest painter when it comes to intricate patterns I found it a little hard to make the painting neat in these areas. However I am very happy with the end result and now have a very colorful and flamboyant Zouave Brigade for my American Civil War Army.


15 thoughts on “10th New York National Zouaves – Perry Miniatures”

  1. Really nice work Nathan and I agree with James – the base work is great. Don't tell me a man with your…lets say…military skills…does not have a steady hand!
    Cheers mate

  2. That's some very nice work on these Zouaves. And you're absolutely right… a proper ACW army should never leave home without taking some of these colourfull guys with tem.

  3. Thanks for the comments Guys. I have always seen the 5th NY painted up and on the table top battlegrounds but never the 10th NY, which fought with them in so many minor engagements and battles. Hopefully my figures will do as well as the guys back in the 1860's.



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